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  1. Biographie, or Realization, is a sport climbing route on a crag on the southern face of the 2,metre (6, ft) Montagne de Céüse near Gap and Céüse, France. The route was first successfully climbed in July by Chris Sharma, who did not grade the climb. It Location: Céüse, France.
  2. Realization definition is - the action of realizing: the state of being realized. How to use realization in a sentence.
  3. ‘The realization of Roy's dream would have occurred through his presentation of the music to a sophisticated European or American audience.’ ‘Therefore what is meant by Buddhahood is the recognition and realization of the complete purity of the mind.’.
  4. noun the making or being made real of something imagined, planned, etc. the result of such a process: The new church was the realization of a ten-year dream. the act of realizing or the state of being realized.
  5. Walter Anderson - self portrait. Realizations is a small shop run by the family of Walter Anderson, dedicated to making his artwork accessible to more people. You can find out more about Walter Anderson here.. Realizations' primary offerings are an extensive selection of silk-screened prints and printed clothing and textiles featuring the unique blockprint designs of Walter Anderson.
  6. Lyrics to Realization by Winds from the Reflections of the I album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!
  7. Aug 20,  · 1 (noun) in the sense of awareness There is a growing realization that things cannot go on like this for much longer.
  8. Realization is defined as the moment of understanding something, or when something planned finally happens. An example of a realization is when a person sitting in a boring meeting understands that they need a new job. An example of a realization is when you achieve your goal of .

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