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Cut And Dried

8 thoughts on “ Cut And Dried

  1. ‘I think it's cut and dried already that they are going to close the place.’ ‘That uncertainty was understandable given previous occasions when they have thrown it away, but while it was far from cut and dried, there was a certain resilience in this display that gradually chipped away at .
  2. The phrasal adjective cut and dried describes things that are (1) prepared and arranged in advance, or (2) ordinary or routine. The phrase’s exact origins are mysterious, but it seems to date from the early s—when it was used in roughly the same manner as today—and it .
  3. Aug 19,  · If you say that a situation or solution is cut and dried, you mean that it is clear and definite. Unfortunately, things cannot be as cut and dried as many people would like. We are aiming for guidelines, not cut-and-dried answers. Synonyms: clear-cut, settled, fixed, organized More Synonyms of .
  4. Breadcrumb Trail Links. Housing affordability not as cut-and-dried as it seems. The simple numbers on housing affordability in Metro Vancouver are unequivocally alarming: It costs just over 8½.
  5. Definition of cut-and-dried.: being or done according to a plan, set procedure, or formula: routine a cut-and-dried presentation.
  6. Define cut-and-dry. cut-and-dry synonyms, cut-and-dry pronunciation, cut-and-dry translation, English dictionary definition of cut-and-dry. also cut-and-dry adj. 1. Prepared and arranged in advance; settled.
  7. Define cut-and-dried. cut-and-dried synonyms, cut-and-dried pronunciation, cut-and-dried translation, English dictionary definition of cut-and-dried. also cut-and-dry adj. 1. .
  8. being of the type that is encountered in the normal course of events. a cut-and-dried session of the convention just to get required business out of the way. Synonyms for cut-and-dried. average, common, commonplace, everyday, garden-variety, normal.

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